Horse Barn

Are you looking for horse barn equipment such as double Dutch doors?

Since barn building has been in existence, the popularity of Double Dutch Doors has remained steadfast. The X design, also called a Crossbuck, originated when corner to corner bracing was necessary to prevent sagging since the Horse Stalls Barn horizontal lumber planks utilized to make the door had to be secured. Cross bracing was performed to insure the doors would be functional and not drag the ground when opened or shut. Originally, and in some cases even today there are doors which are manufactured with only one corner to corner brace which usually is installed on the hinge side top to the lower opposite side. Cosmetically, another two separate board cross brace is often installed on the fascia going in the opposite direction forming an X. This three individually pieced X did little to brace the horizontal planking from sagging and merely added to the appearance of the doors.

Some companies have set the pace in the design and manufacturing of single and double Dutch doors expanding on the ever popular Crossbuck theme through innovative construction techniques. By integrating dual-panel, structural integrity Double Dutch Doors has increased, while retaining the Crossbuck appearance that most barn owners identify as a traditional looking barn door. Single and double Dutch doors feature a two panel process of laminate sheets exterior grade (seven ply) which are cut to heights and widths and then bound together with fasteners for maximum strength. Once fastened together, the panel is then surrounded at the top, bottoms, and sides with miter cornered aluminum extrusions for protection of the lumber door edges also providing a professional and cosmetic appearance throughout. This process absolutely eliminates the sag factor that you would find in a traditional, pieced together, Dutch door on the market.

Hinged double Dutch doors have individually opening and closing upper and lower panels. A Not Split version is for those that desire the look of a Dutch door but only want one solid swinging door panel. Additionally a not split "Sliding" version is typically used in the tack and or Dutch Doors, Barn Doors feed room. Not split doors can be used as bathroom, office, or bedroom doors and two Crossbuck Double Dutch Not Split doors (hinged or sliding) can be doubled and used for a larger end barn door opening or grand room. Dutch doors can be used in just about any location in your home, office or barn if a barn or stable appearance is desired.

Special CNC capabilities can offer a personalized style door with silhouettes or etched designer fascias. Lumber areas can be cut out, or removed, and hundreds of western, polo, hunter jumper and dressage artwork silhouettes can be added for specialty themed barns. Horse names, farm names or logos can also be etched into the lumber doors.

So whether you are looking for the traditional Crossbuck in a double or single panel or something more artistic in nature, consider Armour Companies for your horse barn equipment needs.